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Time is too precious to make all experiences on our own. Better to take advantage of any occasion to learn from each other. Grasp this opportunity to benefit from our renowned key speakers’ insights on systems and culture.


There is no better place to establish new contacts with like-minded people than a conference. In our live-streaming event, paths eventually cross. Do not miss out on this opportunity to expand your professional network.


Benefit from our unique conference concept. Besides speeches, attend workshops, familiarize yourself with current approaches and methods in just three days time and take advantage of our certification opportunities.

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Join this September 28th to September 30th 2022

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Global Developer Conference

Systems and Culture

We live in one of the most transformational times ever. Where performance is perfection and science fiction becomes science fact, there is more to culture and leadership than sticking to cherished behaviours. If you don’t move on, you’re history already and will be left behind.

Therefore, we need to rethink our way of facing these new challenges. Our response is the Global Developer Conference – Systems and Culture. Connect with some of the best in Operational Excellence, including renowned key speaker Ritsuo Shingo. Improve your skills, and seize the opportunity of certification afterwards. Take your choice today: Are you driving change or are you driven by it? Get your company on track and embark with us on a fascinating journey.

Our key speaker:

About Ritsuo Shingo

Ritsuo Shingo spent more than 13 years in various roles at Toyota in legal, public relations and purchasing departments. He joined Hino Motors in 2004 and was appointed an officer responsible for China.

In 2007, Ritsuo Shingo established a Joint Venture between Hino Motors and Guang-Qi Motors and became its first president. In 2012, he became President of the “Institute Of Management Improvement”.

About Ken Snyder

Ken Snyder, the executive dean and chief administrative officer of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, joined the Shingo Institute as executive director in 2015.

With intimate knowledge of the Shingo Institute and its rich history, Ken Snyder has served as a member of the Shingo Executive Advisory Board since 2009, Shingo examiner since 2010, and chairman of the Advisory Board since 2015.

About Shaun Barker

Shaun Barker has been the assistant executive director for the Shingo Institute since 2001 where he is responsible for such organizational operations as finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and development.

He is also in charge of the assessment value stream and its pool of approximately 160 examiners from industries around the globe.

About Andreas Mehl

Andreas Mehl is a long-time employee and partner of SCHEELEN® AG. The SCHEELEN® AG is a leading international institute for talent profiling, personnel development, recruiting and leadership.

Andreas Mehl serves in the capacities of Director, Partner, Managing and Master Trainer for INSIGHTS MDI® and OutMatch ASSESS by SCHEELEN®. With his extensive cross-industry experience, he successfully supports plenty of international clients in finding the right talents for many jobs.

About Hakeem Hammad

Dr. Hakeem Hammad is an internationally recognized thought leader and expert in developing and implementing operational excellence programs with undisputed break-through improvement results.

He gained this knowledge through more than 20 years of industry experience and as president and CEO of Xi Horizons Consulting, an internationally recognized consulting firm known for its capability to deliver sustainable business results as well as develop high performing teams.

More key speakers incoming

Workshops at the conference

SCRUM Master

SCRUM is a framework to conduct projects in an agile way. Short work cycles and loops, as well as self-organizing teams are well known characteristics of SCRUM. As SCRUM Master, you use methods to support projects and teams in order to find fast and efficient solutions. After this workshop, you may take the official exam on and become a Professional SCRUM Master (PSM 1).

Facilitating Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OPEX) enables you to increase the efficiency of processes in value streams in order to work in a more economical manner. Systems support the driving of ideal behaviors of employees in everyday life, which is essential to achieve sustainable results. To accomplish this goal, all departments must be involved in the OPEX concept, identify losses in the company and reduce them with appropriate methods.

Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence is a holistic approach that brings your customer and sales & distribution to a new level. The secret of the workshop is a consistent integration of sales and its culture with all departments of an organization. Get to know a completely different angle and use the benefits to optimize the quality of production, sales and internal processes. Set a new standard in sales.

Statistics analysis of strategic problems

Become acquainted with tools from the field of statistics and benefit from their application in your professional life. Statistics help you make decisions and perform figure-based evaluations. In this workshop, discover how easy it is to handle the statistics software AlphadiTab®. Graph the contents of tables and discuss these visualizations with your associates. By using data, facts and figures, you will simplify your everyday life and become even more successful in professional practice.

Enhancing exchange with Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor management is strongly linked to the manufacturing environment and has proven to be a valuable management tool not only in production. Not only should it be used as a monitoring tool for management, but also to improve the flow of information and communication between employees and management representatives. This workshop provides insights on effective support and leadership at the point of value creation.

Innovative ideas through Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an approach designed to get people to solve problems and develop new ideas. Its goal is to find solutions that are convincing from the user's point of view as well as market and product oriented. In contrast to other innovation methods, Design Thinking is not described as a method or process, but as an approach based on the fundamental principles of team, space and process.

Networking – a true game changer

Networking has undoubtedly proven to be a vital factor for business. Currently, prospects to make new professional contacts are rather scarce. Take this chance to meet new acquaintances and perhaps old companions in our live-streaming conference – without any risk to your well-being and wellfare. During our multi-day event, there will be plenty of prospect to talk with and get to know one another and, in the end, it doesn’t take much to get started with networking: a conference-specific elevator pitch tailored to the people you are meeting and a stack of business cards. Networking success is virtually automatic here – the more so as you take on two roles: one is the rather passive role of listener to the contributions of the key speakers and the other is the one of the proactive participant in trainings. In this set-up, everyone can be at their best and exchange ideas with new comrades-in-arms. Get ready to become a magnet for business cards and benefit from your new contacts.

Conference Alphadi
AlphadiTab® – early bird bonus

AlphadiTab® is a statistics software for visualization and analysis of data. It has been designed for project managers in the areas of Six Sigma, Lean Management, PMI, SCRUM and other quality related fields. AlphadiTab® has been programmed with focus on usability and its application in practice. The aim is to offer a genuine alternative to high-priced products on the market. Feedback from project managers from many industries has helped to refine the first version. We are now pleased to provide the enhanced software free of charge to all participants who register by June 30th 2022.

Conference Book – knowledge close at hand!

At our conference, we provide a thoroughly prepared Conference Book. Every participant will recieve a printed form of this book by the time of admission. It consists of all the contents of our three-day event. In this documentation you will find all the topics of the key speakers, as well as all the information due to the conducted trainings. Quick orientation and everything at one glance in just one book!  
With that we are setting a milestone in terms of documentation. The days of separate handouts and training materials are counted.